About Us

Innovative, Independent Thinking

Adarate Systems was founded in the beginning of 2010 and Sweden is our quarter. Adarate’s primary ambition is to supply the world market with high-speed related products and services and our activity covers everything from systematizing, designing hardware/software and test.

Adarate’s origin lies within the electronic warfare area – developing Radar and Radio equipment, managing tough requirements for EMC and Tempest standards. Our experience and core competence include as well High-Speed, Radio & Microwave hardware as Radar, Sonar, Data Acquisition & DF systems.

Adarate History
The company is entirely focused on developing high-performance electronics but can in addition also provide expert services within High Speed PCB design or advanced electronics in general. Adarate can offer HRFT (High-speed Radio Frequency Transceivers) – a variety of very high speed FPGA-based AD-/DA cards. Since both the founders (CEO and CTO) during their professional careers have been working on defense related electronic systems, it was natural step to launch a product company.

It all started with a development of a digital receiver, the first generation, at a major Swedish defense electronics company around the year 1997. This hardware was developed by a team, where one of the founders of Adarate was participating. The second generation of acquisition system was based on the Virtex2Pro generation, it was developed by us at a Stockholm based consultant company, where the founders was co-owners. Adarates CEO began to work in this consultant company in the late 2004 and brought relevant technical experience from FPGA based FFT-design, but mainly brought a variety of valuable relevant defense related contracts. The third generation of data acquisition system was also the first full transceiver based on Virtex-4 and ended up in a product. This product was followed by a new modular Virtex-5 based product family, the fourth generation of digital transceiver system including a number of different cards.

The HRFT (High-speed Radio Frequency Transceiver) is the fifth generation of digital acquisition cards. The HRFT development began 2010 and is launched as a product line together with “easy to use” FW packages.